5 most influential theories in corporate identity design

The year is coming to an end and we want to summarize the most important graphic design trends of 2017 and somewhat predict their permanence for next year. Although there are no limits to creation and what can be achieved in terms of design, it is clear that there are very strong trends that are seen as essential for designers to know and use.

Here we list 5 trends that stood out this year and that will surely survive in 2018:

  1. Minimalism

Logotipos mInimalistas

The concept of minimalism has been asserting itself for several years on the world of design and we can see it every day in web design. This concept also remains and is becoming increasingly strong in the construction of logos and branding. In design, minimalism seeks to reduce what one wishes to communicate to its essential elements. Only the ones that actually achieve that goal are used, thus eliminating any other distracting or unnecessary elements. There is an interest in focusing on functionality. Currently, big brands have opted for a simple design. The minimalist trend is and will continue to stand.

Nico Laprida - Marcas vintage

Although minimalism is usually associated with black and white color schemes, a change has been seen with the introduction of bright colors. An example that perfectly describes this minimalist trend with color is the redesign of the Google logo. The graphic message will always be much clearer and easier to communicate when you have a simpler design.


  1. Bright Colors

Cilco-e - Pósters

Since 2016, there has been a trend in the use of bright and bold colors. During this year they became more present and stronger in the design not only of websites but also in typography and logos. “Google’s Material Design, the unified system that combines theory, resources and tools to create digital experiences” has driven many design trends, one of which is these kinds of accents and bright colors.

exe soluciones tecnológicas

We assume that this trend will maintain its continuity in 2018, as it is a tide that has marked an important change in the implementation of color. The trend achieves said change by breaking neutral schemes (white, black and gray) and moving to more vivid colors that are impactful.

Sellin - Coloores brillantes

Spotify and Instagram are two companies that could be identified as ones that boldly declare brightness and color in their image proposals. On one hand, Spotify impacts with custom designs by mixing eye-catching colors with professionally edited photos. These types of images are identified instantly, making them unique to the style of its brand. Instagram stands out and shines even more since it changed its logo, capturing the attention of its users. Instagram turned to a multicolored proposal of gradients and transitions. Making drastic changes in color may not be an option for all types of brands, but adding striking accents will add value without moving away from their essence and the appearance that made them what they are.


  1. Handmade graphics and unique images

Franca - Ilustraciones en marcas

Brands seek and have the need to be increasingly original and authentic. Hand-made sketches and author illustrations are a trend in graphic design and it seems that they will continue. This is due to the fact that they catch the attention of users and are so versatile, they can be used to represent any type of product or service. When combined with images or photos they work perfectly by adding authentic and fun elements. These illustrations manage to stand out from the rest, breaking with the clean and almost clinical nature of the design that has commonly been seen in recent years.

Marcas Ilustradas

A great example is Dropbox, which has adopted the use of hand-drawn illustrations in each of their contents. This style has also adhered to its brand and stands out in the market.

Abitab - Ilustraciones

Other companies such as Moz and Mailchimp use this type of trend in their content production.


  1. Animation will never be more useful

Animated objects are now present everywhere: in logos, websites, icons, applications, content for blogs, and even the mass mail we receive daily. Superior quality videos and GIFs manage to retain our attention because they add dramatism and movement to projects. They are an efficient tool to take into account in terms of our content. They stimulate reading, attract attention and are highly effective in social networks.

Animaciones - Uruware

Although GIFs are one of the most used extensions, it is predicted that the SVG format will be the best for graphic elements in 2018, because it is easy to scale and has no loss of quality. This tendency should especially be taken into account by our readers who are web designers.


  1. Vintage: a style that remains

The Vintage style has been around for some time and still has a lot to say in the field of graphic design. Many clients and brands have sought to have a “Retro” or “Vintage” image since they have realized that this current or movement is quite attractive at present. Its elements transmit authenticity and freshness. Pale colors and pastel shades are the chromatic ranges that dominate this style as well as Handwritten typography (which appears to be handmade) and noisy, textured backgrounds.

Vintage - The Trip House

In 2018, graphic design will continue to stand out with these 5 trends that we just mentioned and probably with many more from 2017. However, one of the most valuable and remarkable aspects that will be experienced year after year, is of course the ability that graphic designers have to absorb all the trends and information so that in a very creative way, they can give real significance to the specific needs of brands with their work.


Having a sense of taste in graphic design is truly essential to communicate ideas…