Nowadays, outsourcing has become an efficient alternative for all kinds of large and small businesses.

But what exactly is Outsourcing? – When a company subcontracts another to take charge of a process or a specific activity of their business. This is a trend that is occurring worldwide in which organizations emerge and become more competitive and specialized.

There are some compelling reasons for companies to hire the services of other companies. The most notable reasons are the savings in general and personnel expenses, efficiency in processes, greater productivity, and the possibility of meeting the business’ main needs. In addition to this, companies today seek to partner with companies that allow them to achieve significant value through innovation.

As a design studio, what we do is accompany and advise our clients in all their work processes. Our experience as entrepreneurs and knowledge of how to interpret their needs makes Nómade become an ally in achieving the objectives that have been set.

At Nómade, we are well related and operate within the concept of Outsourcing. For 12 years we have accrued a vast experience in the private sector and the government, as well as inside and out of the country.


How do we help companies?

Planning, designing and implementing solutions that assist in the communication and interaction with their customers. We take full advantage of new media. We develop simple and intelligent solutions based on usability and user experience.

In our Outsourcing modality, we generate a plan for brand management during a scheduled period of time. Your company delegates the corresponding image and design tasks to our work team. In addition to the execution of the requested tasks and being able to have a team of designers; this modality includes the creative contribution and the proposals of the Studio, which are generated based on the needs that the client has.

This modality of work adapts to all kinds of companies, large and medium. It is ideal for companies that demand a constant work flow but still cannot support the internal costs that correspond to the hiring of their own personnel.

It is important to take into account the time and demand generated by having an internal designer. An internal designer needs to be shown a set of organized tasks to be formed, and then a follow up procedure must be established to be able to correct them. Generally, companies choose to hire junior designers (which are cheaper). However, it is very important to understand that many times these professionals are not trained or do not have the experience to advise and make decisions that are out of the end customer’s hands. That is why we believe that having a remote design team with different professionals and a project leader is a much more profitable option and has better results.

A story of success that perfectly exemplifies our work model is the project we carry out for the UTEC-Technological Univerisity of Uruguay, which has a tertiary university education proposal with a technological profile and is oriented towards research and innovation. Within the University’s guidelines, its focus on the collective construction of knowledge especially stands out, as well as its high standards of management quality and academic excellence.

In this case, we work in the development of an already established brand and identity by supporting the Digital Projects team in the University’s daily communication tasks. We collaborate in the accomplishment of tasks in diverse areas of work such as Graphic -Web and Editorial. We are in charge of the making of more than 20 animations and videos for the University’s Basic Sciences Training Program tutorials (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).

The expectations of the Technological University of Uruguay is to have three times the number of students currently enrolled in two years, as well as the opening of its new headquarters in Durazno, which has a capacity for 2,000 students.

This news makes us very happy because we feel deeply connected to our client’s achievements. We believe that under our premise of solving problems and transforming them into creative solutions, we contribute to the development and communication of the identity of companies.

“In Nómade Studio we interpret and solve our client’s problems”

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